Fattoria della Mandorla

Gourmet Gourmet Truffle - covered 165 g



Fully vegetable dough-base pasta food based on almond milk, naturally lacked in lactose and gluten, alternative to common fresh cheeses, to the taste of truffle.


Mandolat® * 57% (water, flour Almond degrassed peel*8%), cream of Almond*(Sunflower oil *, Mandolat * 10%, extra virgin olive oil *, galvetus), flour Almond Peeling *, poppy seeds *, dried mushrooms *, Walnuts*, Truffle sauce * 1% (summer truffles *, extra virgin olive oil *, corn starch *, salt, black pepper *, garlic *), galvet.
Thickeners: agar, agar, xanthan rubber.
* From organic farming

Advice of use

In this tasty variant of the coated gourmet fladella, the almond of toritto is married with overalled ingredients, creating a unique, typical and innovative flavor. To be enjoyed as an appetizer (Dades, as a mini skewers, with the addition of olive and cherry tomatoes, slices on croutons and integral crackers, stuffed benches); to enrich the first; in seconds in addition to cold salads with fresh seasonal vegetables; Finally as a stuffed with quiche, patties and plum cake.


Store in the refrigerator at 0 / + 4 ° C. Consume within seven days from the opening of the package.


Contains almond and mandolat® flour. Contains foods naturally free of gluten, soy and lactose.


ICEA biological certificate (Controlled operator: PB3099)

Nutritional values

Fats / Fats 23 g (of which saturated fatty acids 2.8 g)
Carbohydrates / Carbohydrates 4.1 g (of which sugars 1.6 g)
Fibers / Fibers 4.1 g
Protein / Proteins 5.8 g
Salt / Salt 0.67 g

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