Tortelli alla saffron with the great Murgiano di Gran Murgiano

Tortelli alla saffron with the great Murgiano di Gran Murgiano

Recipe Marta Navarrini


For pasta
• 200 g semi-integrated flour
• 40 g durum wheat semolina
• 50 g water (the percentage may vary depending on the flour)
• Powdered saffron
• Salt

For the stuff
• 200 g of almond fermented
• Chives
• White pepper
• Nutmeg
• Apple vinegar
• Lemon juice
• Salt
• Extra virgin olive oil

For the 'I havehed you
• 250 g of almond drink
• 10 g of corn starch
• 100 g of Gran Murgiano
• A quarter of a Cedano Rapa
• Black pepper
• QB lemon juice
• 30 g of extra virgin olive oil
• Salt


For pasta: Mix all the planetary ingredients by adding water little at a time until you get a smooth and uniform ball. Wrap in the film and rest in the refrigerator for at least 30-40 minutes.

For the stuff: Season the fermented with salt, oil, finely chopped chives and a few drops of lemon juice and mix everything.

For the 'I havehed you: Boil the parasings of the Cedano Rapa in the soy drink until they are soft. Dissolve the starch in a low cold almond drink and add it together with all the other ingredients except the Gran Murgiano And continue to cook for a few minutes. Turn off the flame, add the Gran Murgiano Grated and a few drops of lemon juice and blend with a dive mixer. If it is too hard, add another vegetable drink.

Spread the dough with a thickness of about 2 mm and recorded discs with a cupcake. Insert a teaspoon of Cloth in the center and close to tortello. Blanched for about 2 minutes the tortelli, drain and stir with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil in a pan.
Serve in the serving dish a ladle of vondo and place over 3 ravioli.