Vegan recipe: Pacchero in pumpkin cream with cheese with turmeric

Looking for inspiration for your lunch?

Today we suggest a simple and fast first: Pacchero in pumpkin cream with the turmerella.


- Goldness Curcuma
-2 potatoes
- Weathered Vegan Parmesan taste
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Pumpkin seeds


Wash and clean the potatoes, onion and pumpkin. Cut them into pieces and brown them lightly with extra virgin olive oil, cover them with water, salt and cook everything.
At the end of cooking, blend everything with the Gustella Turmeric to give you an extra creaminess and make pumpkin cream more pleasant. Cook and handle pasta with pumpkin sauce. Finally, after stacking, embellishing the dish making it more greedy by adding toasted pumpkin seeds and a beautiful grated vegan seasoned cheese.

Bon Appétit!