Summer recipe: iron macaroni with chat gourmet olives and artichokes

Finally the summer is coming and it's time to look for the perfect Summer recipe To make a good impression with friends at a dinner in the garden.


Just put in the same sentence Summer recipe And dinner with friends to immediately make good humor.


And if the Summer recipe It is of Chef Michelangelo Sparapano, then you will surely be able to amaze all your friends.


There Summer recipe What we present today is very simple: few ingredients, fresh and light.


Attention: the chef prepared this Summer recipe With spiny thistles of the Murgia, which can be safely replaced with normal cards or artichokes.


In a few minutes you will make a summer recipe with the flakes ... and with a Gourmet Gourmet with artichokes. Ready?

Summer recipe for 4 people

  • 180g Gourmet Olive and Artichokes (to create seasoning cremine)
  • 320g iron macaroni
  • 240g Pachino tomatoes (spadeled with garlic and oil)
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 400g thirsty thistle of the Murgia
  • 40g Grate Grand Murgian
  • 20g extra virgin olive oil
  • Pepper

Odorella Gourmet olives and artichokes


The queen of this Summer recipe It is our Odorella Gourmet olives and artichokes.

Odorella Gourmet olives and artichokes is a completely vegetable food for almond milk based on almond milk, naturally lacked in lactose and gluten, alternative to common fresh cheeses, to the taste of green olives and artichokes.


It is a very light vegetable cheese and delicious taste, loved even abroad and perfect for every fresh Summer recipe, or even simply on a slice of bread.


Have you ever tasted it?