Two vegan and fast recipes with our new products

You are asking you many how to use Gran Murgiano, Mandorino and Maciotta, our new products. Precisely for this reason, we thought of asking our chef Michelangelo shoot to prepare for you Two vegan recipes And fast to put you immediately to the test.

The Two vegan and fast recipes Which we have chosen belong to the Italian culinary tradition, revisited in a healthy key.

Let's talk about the Cacio and Pepe, a super classic of the Roman tradition and the Crudaiola, a perfect recipe for those who have little time and prefers a fresh and tasty dish.

Ready to get to the stove?

We await your versions.

Two vegan and fast recipes: cacio and pepper with mandorino

The Cacio and Pepe is now one of the undisputed Italianity symbols in the world.

We too want to pay tribute to the cheese and pepper with a totally lactose version.

Such as? Using instead of the classic Roman pecorino, our brand new Mandorino.

Ingredients for 4 people:


To prepare laganines with bio almond with mandard and pepper, you start grating 200 g of mandard.

Boil the water in a pan (put about half of what you usually use to cook the pasta, so it will be richer than starch) and when you boil you can be saved.

Once salted, cook the laganines.

Meanwhile, pour the grains of whole pepper on a cutting board, then crush them pest with a pestle.

Pour half dose of crushed pepper in a wide pan, toasting it over low heat stirring with a wooden scoop then shaded with pair of pasta cooking water ladles.

Meanwhile that the pasta arrives at the cooking, occupy the mandard cream (do not start this operation first because the cream would be too much): pour around half a dose of grated mandion in a bowl.

Finish the pasta cooking, adding little hot water still if necessary; Before joining the mandard cream, briefly mix the cream by placing the bowl above the steam of the pan with hot water, always mix with the whisk, so as to bring the cream to a temperature similar to that of the pasta if necessary. Turn off the focus of the pan with spaghetti and pour the mandard cream.

Sprinkle with the remaining mandorino and your cheese and pepper with mandard is ready.

Two vegan and fast recipes: Crudaiola with Gran Murgiano, Maciotta and Pasta Bio almond leaves

Second of ours Two vegan and speed recipesI: La Crudaiola, the typical dish that in Southern Italy families lead to sea on the beach days.

The pasta at the crudaila is the most classic of the cold summer pasta, simple and fast to prepare, very tasty and is prepared in no time.

Our Chef Michelangelo Sparapano offers a healthy version with Gran Murgiano and Maciotta.

Here are the ingredients!

Ingredients for 4 people:


Boil a pot of slightly salted water and cook the dough.

Wash and dry i Tomatoes then cut them into 4 parts and drain from the water and seeds.

Take the Macoot and cut it into cubes and put it in a salad bowl together with the cherry tomatoes.

Drain the pasta, pass it under the current cold tap water so as to stop cooking and put it in the salad bow with the other ingredients.

Mix the pasta with the natural mustel, to make everything more creamy.

Season with plenty of basil and Gran Murgiano flakes.