Mandolat carnival chatter and cocoa cream

Sweets carnival More famous, they definitely stand out for goodness and fame Chatter.

The Chatter Carnival They are friable leafs take different names from north to south, like lies in Piedmont, Crostoli in Veneto or Frappa in Lazio.

Of the region in the region Even the recipe suffers some variant, but tendentially the ingredients are eggs, flour, butter and liqueur or white wine.

The Chatter Carnival They can be both cooked and baked.

In the version of Chef Michelangelo Sparapano, we propose a version of fried carnival chatter with air frigrice, Lighter and healthy, but still tasty.


50g mandolat

300g flour 00

50g cocoa cream

40g sugar

2 large eggs

40g Burrella (or butter)


Seed oil for frying)


For ours Chatter Carnival, mix the eggs, cocoa cream, Burrella and sugar for 10 minutes.

Later add the flour, the Mandolat And a pinch of salt mixing well and creating a smooth and compact dough.

Let the dough rest for 30 minutes and then start browsing and after being ready with all the Chatter Carnival To fry them.