Coconut and strawberry and mandamisu cheesecake

Coconut and strawberry and mandamisu cheesecake

Recipe of Giulia Giunta

For the base

60 g small oats
60 g uva passes
40 g almonds with the skin
vegetable drink or water to taste

For the body of the cake

130 g Mandamisu the Farm of the almond
70 g Cocco Rapè
50 g light brown sugar

To garnish

100 g strawberry jam
2 small strawberries
Coconut in flakes to taste


Prepare the base by blending the oat flakes in a mixer with almonds, the raisins and a little water or vegetable drink until a compact and a little sticky mass is obtained.

Spread it in a uniform layer on a flat plate inside a 15 cm ring mold. Crush with your hands and level well, then put in the fridge.

In the meantime, pass the mandamisu to the mixer With coconut and sugar until a creamy but dense mixture is obtained.

Arrange it on top of the base of oat flakes inside the mold, crush and level well then put in the fridge for at least half an hour to firm.

After this time spread over the jam, gently remove the ring and decorate with the coconut flakes and strawberries.