Discover the Mudorella al Miveg in Milan on 19 and 20 October 2019

Miveg is the first vegan festival within the city of Milan and was born with the revolutionary idea for which no living being is worth more than another and that we all have the same right to freedom and a dignified life.
The Miveg is also an opportunity to combine good sustainable food and free of animal ingredients, conferences, music, workshops and seminars on cuisine, food, self-products and activism in defense of animals.

All the proceeds of what you will eat during the course of the event, turns into hay, grains, food, care for each of the liberated guests and refugees. The beating heart of this festival are precisely the animals, crushed by domain policies. In those two days, a window opens from which ideas, actions, theories and practices overlook.

In this way, Miveg becomes a collector of projects, ideas, ideas, reflections and strategies to change and rebuild the world as we would like it.

Through our participation in the event, we also want us to promote a conscious choice and not to be accomplices of suffering and discrimination. One way to change perspective and see the world with other eyes, to understand what is the positive change that can result from every choice.

Come and visit us on 19 and 20 October

Saturday: from 10:00 to 24:00 - Sunday: from 9:30 to 22:30
The event is covered even in the case of rain.

Almond and fladly farm will be present at the event! Come and visit us and take advantage of the promo: you can buy 3 fladly only 10 euros!

Also, you will receive a canvas shopper bag and a 30% discount voucher to use in our e-commerce for the purchase of 200 g almond sizes and for delightful farm creams.

Don't miss the appointment at the Miveg on 19 and 20 October 2010!