Activated almonds: what they are and why you should consume them

In recent years, interest in dried fruit is increasingly growing and especially towards the Activated almonds.


To get the activated almonds it means to soak them for about 8-12 hours in salted water.


Soaking it allows Activated almonds To germinate this allows it to also increase the bioavailability of some vitamins (in particular the C and group b) but also of carotenes and other beneficial substances for our body.


The Activated almonds At almond farm are pre-sprouted organic toritto almonds with water, oxygen and natural light, and then hesiccate at very low temperature.


During germination the fruit expels the vegetable substances for us harmful, one of which is the fantic acid.


This inhibits the reabsorption of calcium and magnesium in our body and can cause intolerances (allergy to dried fruit).


The activation of the Activated almonds It is used to separate the substances not like as the trustic acid from raw fruit, so as to make it become more digestible and beneficial.

The benefits of the almonds activated

It is therefore clear that to choose the Activated almonds It is a choice that can make significant benefits for your health.

Let's try to summarize them in a few points:

  • increased enzymatic activity;
  • best absorption of nutrients;
  • greater contribution of proteins, vitamins and minerals;
  • Best digestibility;
  • reduction of fithing acid and anti-nutrients;
  • reduction of potential intolerances and allergies;
  • Resolution of all digestive discomfort and inflammation.


So we choose for our power supply Activated almonds, Even every day.

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