Apulian almond for wellness: the new Macao without added sugar

Listening to our customers is one of the driving forces of our work. In the end many things make us easy: with one Apulian almond Like the one we cultivate is easy to find ways to better enhance it.


Obviously any modification and every novelty are the result of research and innovation and this makes us the only innovative chain of the Apulian almond in the world.


Macau cream: chocolate Apulian almond cream without added sugar


One of the first questions to which we wanted to find an answer was: How to find a solution to the need to decrease the intake of sugars on our customers' diets?


Our Macau, cream of Apulian almond Chocolate, it is undoubtedly one of the best selling products ... yet it had something to "place", that 4% of sugars that we really didn't go down.


So we thought of a new recipe, with no added sugar, but with the same taste.


The reason for the choice will explain our Gabriele Latrofa, agricultural entrepreneur and nutritionist biodynamic farming and Dr. Domenico de Mattia, potential nutritionist, nutritionist of sport and for disorders of food behavior, in the video below.