Almond of Puglia to breakfast: three tasty ideas

There Almond of Puglia It is certainly one of the most valuable in the world. Here are three tasty ideas to use it for a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Among the most typical Apulian productions, stand out for importance Almond of Puglia.

Huge expanses of Almandorthenies unfold as an eye can especially in the Toritto area, in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park.

Toritto almond, quality "Filippo CEA", is known as one of the best in circulation, especially for its sweet taste and for its fine organoleptic properties.

There Almond from Puglia It is perfect for dietary regimes or for those who simply follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In this article we recommend three tasty ideas for breakfast based on Almond from Puglia.

Protein pancakes with organic Puglia almond cream

THE Pancake I am a typical dessert of northern America.

Undisputed kings of the brunch, from some have entered the favorite breakfasts of the Italians, especially on Sunday.

Their strengths are the simplicity of the ingredients and the speed of construction, as well as the sweet and pleasant, obviously taste.

The ingredients are very few: flour, milk, baking powder, orange peel and sugar.

However, there are some variants, which also see the addition of cinnamon or honey or the use of yogurt instead of milk.

As a super recommended filling Almond cream of Puglia "Macao" Farm of the almond.

Porridge with fresh fruit and Almond of Puglia


The Porridge It is the typical oat soup that in Anglo-Saxon ground is consumed at breakfast.

More and more Italians, fitness lovers and leading a healthy lifestyle choose oatmeal for their breakfasts, perhaps accompanying it with a good dose of Almond of Puglia.

The porridge provides all useful macronutrients to our body to start the day: carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vitamins and fibers, with only 300-400 calories.

To stuff yours English porridge You can give free vent to your creativity.

We offer you our version with cream of Almond of Puglia "Macau", slices of organic red apple and toritto almonds.

Integral bread and Almond cream from Puglia

If you have little time available, but you don't want to give up taste and you don't want to settle for the classic - and unhealthy - Cappuccino and Cornetto, the right alternative can simply be bread and cream of Almond of Puglia.

Also in this case you can have fun and create always different combinations.

We give you two tasty alternatives.

The first:

  • Two slices of rye bread
  • 200 gr. fresh ricotta
  • A handful of organic Puglia almond

The second:

  • Two slices of wholemeal bread senator flour hats
  • A veil of cream Almond of Puglia "Macao"
  • Some slices of bananas.

Toast the slices of bread and then add the ingredients ... and have fun creating new combinations.

Since it has been shown that a healthy and nutritious breakfast is very important to have the right energy to deal with the day, choose quality ingredients becomes an essential prerogative.

There Almond of Puglia Ensures the right amount of nutrients and beneficial properties that the body needs just wake up.

Little final advice: Have fun from breakfast to compose your meals, you will eat with more pleasure, without sacrificing taste.