The collection of the Apulian almond: ancient and millennial tradition.

September has arrived and it is time to collect Apulian almond.

There Apulian almond It is the precious seed of the almond tree, a plant originating from Asia cultivated on Puglia area since ancient times.


The collection of Apulian almond It takes place between August and September, first collecting the fruits fallen by the trees first.


Below trees large towels are placed on which the almonds fall.

To facilitate this operation, the branches are beaten with large sticks, always trying not to stress the plant too much.


At the collection phase of Apulian almond, it follows a phase in which the almonds are deprived of the crowd, fleshy wrapping that envelops the seed outside, and then a phase of drying.

Toritto almond: the collection of Apulian almond More valuable.

The Almonds of Puglia are certainly among the best in Italy and the world.

They are distinguished by sweetness and important nutritional properties and among these the Apulian almond Cultivated in the small town of Toritto, in the province of Bari, it is certainly the most precious.


The toritto almond is particularly burrous and excellent for sweet preparations, such as almond pastes.


In Toritto the cultivation of the almond has no excessively ancient origins: just before the unity of Italy, the Toritto area was not yet reclaimed.


This left fertile ground to the brigands, which found refuge here.


To resolve this degradation problem, it was decided to start the cultivation of Apulian almond, which seemed perfect for a fertile yield from mix between humus deposited in the millennia and the natural breeze breeze, shallow erosive furrows, typical of the Apulian landscape.


The result was amazing: the land of Toritto began to offer a Apulian almond Tasty and delicious, soon becoming the undisputed symbol of the city.


Toritto's almond collection is only the final moment of a process that actually has never started or end.


In almonds the work is circular: in October we start with the ancient art of plant pruning, in winter the trees will flow and immediately after you will fill leaves and small almonds.


The collection will then start in September: even in Toritto the branches are struck with long pearls of chestnut wood, which absolutely does not damage the plant.

There Apulian almond At that point it will be stretched in the sun, to dry, going to fill almost all the sidewalks of Toritto.

In the historic center the sidewalks are very wide and were built so precisely to put the toritto almond in the sun.


Those dried seeds will then be used for various preparations, including the Line of vegetable cheeses of almond farm, unique products in the world.


Collect Apulian almond It is an ancient tradition, a story of passion and dedication that Pugliesi peasants handed down from father to son.


The task of local companies is that not to distort this delicate process, and keep it intact and sustainable, respectful of that environment that gives us the best every year Apulian almond Absolutely.