The Macoota, new and all to be discovered

Her name isMaciotta, it is presented in 6 different tastes and is the new alternative 100% vegetable to classical cheeses produced by farmland farm, Apulian company that in Toritto, home of ancient cultivar and AutoCtona Filippo CEA, has been able to transform small almond seeds into products all "avant-garde

From the Alta Murgia National Park, Dino and Isabella Latrofa, Founders and Farm Holders of the Almond, have created a very short, innovative and circular chain through the research and development project Almond Innovation, helped by the children Gabriel and Leonardo, who, faithful to the philosophy of the parents, follow their values ​​of respect for the environment and sustainability.
Through a process, the result of years of research of their internal laboratory, almonds are transformed into vegan cheeses that today are the fulcrum of corporate activity and reflect new market trends. In fact, it is estimated that plant-based derivatives have now entered the deposits of 10 million Italian families, with a market that has 385 million euros and marks a + 3.7%, according to the latest IRI data.

Suitable for lactose intolerants And to consumers who have chosen not to eat animal derivatives, Maciotta, like all other products in the range, is organic, naturally free of gluten and soy, but with more ambition to put themselves as a vegetable substitute for the classic caciotta, of which recalls its consistency and shape.

Maciotta, in all its declinations, is ideal for a appetizer with friends, but not only: natural is perfectly married to composite and sweet or salted chutney for a tasty fine meal, while its variants at Almonds and walnuts, to the chilli pepper, to the truffle, to Almonds and pistachio and to Mediterranean They are great to enrich mixed salads or bowl with cereals and vegetables, adding taste and protein intake. Every opportunity to conviviality is good to appreciate them!

Even Maciotta, like Mandorino and Gran Murgiano, the other almond farm hard pasta products, is part of the fresh vegetable range, which can be found for sale in natural chain supermarkets.


Almond milk * 67.5%, corn starch * potato starch *, coconut oil *, degrassed peel almond flour *, agar agar (thickener), himalayas pink salt, xanthan rubber (thickener), inulin D'Agave *, natural aroma. * = Organic.