The first innovative short chain farm that transforms almond in spreadable

It is located in Puglia the first company in the world with a short chain and circular economy that produces and transforms almonds to plant alternatives to fresh and seasoned cheeses

It is based in Toritto, in the Apulian territory of the Murgia the first company in the family-run world, which supports the direct cultivation of the almonds their transformation into vegetable alternatives to cheese. With a cultivation of 30,000 almonds extended for 75 hectares of land, with 3000 square meters of establishment (as a expansion), production begins and ends on the farm of the almond, through a process that preserves and enhances the biodiversity of the territory of Murgia.

"Thanks to the taste and properties of the toritto almond, we have created a line of high quality organic foods, interesting from the nutritional point of view and friends of the environment, with a short circular, 100% organic brain and maximum traceability. From the collection of almonds to the property, from peeling to the processing in the food lab, all the phases of preparation of our products take place in our farm. The circular economy is a system in which all the production phases are organized to reduce or eliminate waste. In our chain the trowel, the shell and the tegument of the almond seed are used as fertilizer and amendant for almonds. The circular supply chain is a model that is based on the recovery of each raw material, with a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level. Thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, harmful substances are eliminated for the environment and the production of waste is reduced "Explains Gabriele Latrofa, CEO of the company.

Unlike all other almdorycles, farm saw the base in the small almond seed of almond.And so, in 2013 the Almond Innovation project was launched with the Mandolat, a soluble almond milk that stands at the base of all production:It is used to create spreases in 2015 and seasoned in 2021. Their main feature? Resemble throughout and for everything to cheese, be highly protein, but with the advantage of not containing cholesterol and lactose and therefore be suitable for all intolerants or allergic and to those who have chosen not to eat animal derivatives.

"We aim to become a leading company in the Vegan and Free From market sector, without giving up our values. We want to promote almond based education. We are a very versatile company, ready to adapt to the needs of the market and accept any environmental challenge "Gabriele Latrofa continues.

With 800 retailer shops, present throughout the Italian territory, and already present in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Portugal and Andorra, a farm is ready to expand into foreign markets, where the request for this type of products is in strong growth and does it with A series of innovations that will be presented in the coming months.

Almond farm.Founded in 1989 in Quasano-Toritto (BA), in the Alta Murgia National Park, from Dino and Isabella Latrofa, the Farm of Almond (, the innovative chain of the almond seed in the world, is a company a company company incorporated Family created to enhance the almond seed through the Almond Innovation research and development project, using the almond of toritto, ancient cultivars and native Filippo CEA. Today the farm of the almond can count on the fruits of 30000 trees and the fertility of 76 hectares of land, divided into almonds, olive groves, wooded areas and pastures. At the driving, in addition to Dino and Isabella Latrofa, even the children Gabriele and Leonardo, who, faithful to the philosophy of his parents, help them following their values ​​of respect for the environment, sustainability, highlighting the beauty of the territory and promoting one Circular short supply chain of organic farming, sustainable and traceable 100%. The farm has an internal laboratory dedicated to research and development that gives life to innovative and tasty ways to consume their fruits without cholesterol, without lactose, gluten-free, without soy, but a lot of goodness; From here recipes including vegetable alternatives to cheeses, flagships of the innovation and research process.

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