The good intentions of the Almond farm for the new year

What we stayed in 2021

• Launch of the seasoned in March 2021 and from September 2021 also in the nature of all Italy. They had an unexpected success.

• Macao launch without sugar: this has allowed us to conclude that process of elimination of sugars that has always been our goal.

• Start promotion of Mandorland events in the name of sustainable and conscious tourism. It is only a first approach to the development of an integrated territorial marketing project.

• Definition of almond farm: the team has grown, the departments have balanced, allowing us to create a unified business image, well defined and complete.

• Importance of the family: increasingly aware of our fundamental family dimension, simple, which starts from the almond from which it takes sap and inspiration.

• Importance of the territory: we planted 1000 almonds.

• Environmental awareness: We are a circular supply company, we recycle every possible element. The mall It is used as a fertilizer; The shell It is fuel, it is used as amending and for mulching, practical that it consists in covering the soil all around the plants with materials that prevent light from passing.

• We do not make extensive agriculture.

What we will be in 2022

2022 will be a year crucial:

• Incoming news: we will complete the Pange of Farm Products of the Almond with many new references that will be presented in the international fairs to which we will participate and launch on the market starting from January 2022, going to cover a time lasso that will be committed to at least In June 2022.

• Importance of the almond: we want our philosophy to become the basis for a Education path Looking at all that aim to make the importance of choosing a power supply Almond based As a response to the great problems of our century such as pollution, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, little sustainability.

We aim to be sustainable at 360 degrees

• Innovation: The Research and Development Department will undertake to continue its work of innovation taking into account always the importance of the quality of our products, of the tradition that distinguishes us and the intention to always and only true products, not simple substitutes of Existing products. Farm products will be carriers of essential values ​​in the field of power 2.0: simple raw materials, simple and clean production process, competitive price and great importance to flavor. The whole symbol of that made in Italy Of which we are proudly part.

The only, true almond cheese is produced as a farm.

• Almond farm abroad: by 2023 we would like to be present on multiple markets in Europe and the Americas.

• Sustainability: the new feat that we hope to inaugurate in 2022 will see the use of almond even as a construction material. A small step towards the realization of this goal: to become a 100% Green company.

• Mandorland: Sustainable and conscious tourism They will be the basis of a new and intense story of the wonderful territory hosting us. Almond farm will only become the starting point of laboratories, excursions, recreational and sports moments in the sign of well-being, environmental awareness and respect for the territory.

In 2022 we aim to welcome more international tourists in search of unique experiences and low environmental impact, far from the worrying logic of mass tourism.

• The MandorLand project will lead to the foundation for crowdfunding campaigns aimed at expanding the audience not only of pomp to buyers, but also and above all of people who share our values, which amino Puglia and the Murgia and which include the Mandorland project as a Effective means to protect a territory that aspires to become UNESCO Geopark.

• We will continue to plant almonds: a cold-resistant tree and diseases, also perfect as decorations of countries and cities.

Happy New Year to all!