Vegan cheeses: the mustella as an appetizing novelty

THE Vegan cheeses More and more space are made on the tables of Italians, and not only on the tables of those who prefer not to consume animal products.


Many Italians, in fact, prefer the Vegan cheeses to common cheeses of animal origin.

Vegan cheeses are produced by real "casari" that put all their passion in creating a vegetable food that contains three very important values: sustainability, lightness and taste.


On the market there are now different versions of Vegan cheeses, produced with a number of different legumes.


The antesignano of all Vegan cheesesTofu cheese was undoubtedly, in soy.

The Tofu, however, does not have a pleasant taste for everyone, so many companies have decided to launch into research and development projects that lead to the creation of vegetable cheeses made with peanuts, rice, coconut oil.


The "innovative casaries" of the Farm of the Almond have decided to concentrate, of course, in the creation of vegetable cheeses based on Pugliese almond Filippo Cea di Toritto.

The Mandorla line: vegan cheeses with an inimitable taste


The delicate taste and the excellent properties of our almond have allowed us to create, in 2015, the line of Vegan cheesesSpreadliftable.


The Alongella line is a completely vegetable food, based on almond milk and is an alternative to common spreadable cheeses.


THE Vegan cheesesOf the mustella line are very versatile and perfect on bread or combined with marinated or grilled vegetables.


Between Vegan cheesesOn the market, the Mandorela stands out for its inimitable taste, given by the extreme sweetness of the toritto almond.


THE Vegan cheesesof the Odorella line are the result of our short chain, unique to the Modmo.

All vegetable cheeses of the mustel line are lactose-free, gluten-free and without soy.

They do not have hydrogenated fats and are 100% organic.

Vegan cheeses: only for vegans?


After meeting our Odorella line, the time has come to dispel a myth.

THE Vegan cheeses I'm not just for vegans!

Nor are they only for those who are intolerant to gluten, lactose or has other problems.


THE Vegan cheesesThey are suitable for everyone, and they are really very, very tasty.

Alternative casaries are real professionals: they experience with molds, maturations, consistences and flavorings, just like dairy artisans.


A step forward not only for vegans, but also for everyone who wants to share a plate of lasagna or a sparkling pizza with friends.