Short chain and sustainability

The main almond farm goal in 2022 will promote a fShort Iseiera And sustainable, demonstrating his great love for the environment day by day.

Do you know what it means short supply chain?

The Treccani Encyclopedia defines it as a "Production chain characterized by a limited number of production passages and commercial intermediations, such as to facilitate or determine direct contact between the producer and the consumer, with consequent reduction in costs to consume products, of which the genuineness would also be directly verifiable".

Short supply chain It means that all the phases of our work come true in our farm located in theAlta Murgia National Park. From the cultivation and collecting almonds to flipping, from peeling up to the transformation into the food laboratory.

Short supply chain It means that our 30000 almonds are principle and end of all the products you can buy on our ecommerce, from almonds to natural, to creams passing through milk or vegetable oil, up to fresh and seasoned.

The greatest competitors in the field of almond production and marketing are the Californian companies, but they are intensive companies of great sizes that produce tons of almonds at a dispatch, sometimes, of quality.

Our almonders are cultivated in a perfect land for this type of agricultural production and, with the transformation of the complete almond cycle of the toritto, we have enhanced the biodiversity of the Murgia territory.

Thanks to the flavor and properties of our almond we have created a line of organic foods of high quality, what are they doing Good to health and the environment thanks to one short supply chain circular, 100% organic and from the Maximum traceability.

Circular economy is, instead, a system in which all the production phases are organized to reduce or eliminate waste; A model that is based on the recovery of each raw material, with a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level. In our supply chain mall, the shell and the teen Almond seed are used as fertilizer and amendant for almonds.

Thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, harmful substances are eliminated and the production of waste is reduced. To take care of the environment to respect it and respect it above all the rhythms. It matters little if our productions will be marked by the slow and very often inconstant rhythm of the seasons: we know that our almonders will reciprange us by giving us excellent fruits.

We are the smallest almond seed chain of the world, but this does not scare us, indeed. We consider this a remarkable advantage in terms of sustainability.

Our productions are inspired by the objectives of theAgenda 2030 for sustainable development Promoted by the UN. That traced is a road undoubtedly uphill, but we are convinced that even through our small contribution we could build a better world.

Do you have any suggestions to pursue these goals together? Let us know!