Where and how to keep the Almond of Puglia

There Almond of Puglia It is a walnut with a light and delicate taste.

It contains many useful substances and can be used in the kitchen in so many ways.


Flour Almond of Puglia It is an excellent substitute for wheat flour and can be used for sweets and first courses.


In this article we will discover where and how to keep the Almond of Puglia The end of preserving the freshness for a long time.

Choose the right almonds: what parameters consider?

There Almond of Puglia It has special features to pay attention when choosing to buy them:

  • There Almond of Puglia Perfect drip shape. Pay attention to size: almonds must all be the same, otherwise they could belong to different crops;
  • The color must be uniform, without rust, molds and other stains, holes that indicate an insect infestation;
  • There Almond of Puglia It doesn't have to be damp. Make the bite test: if the nut is too hard, but not crunchy, it is too dried;
  • Even the shell must be uniform, without rust and spotless.

Effective methods to preserve the Almond of Puglia


Now that you bought the best Almond of Puglia, like that of the almond farm, the time has come to understand how to keep them to dwell as long as possible.


First of all, it is important to say that there is a difference to keep the almond in the shell, rather than that shelled or peeled.


There Almond of Puglia In hull generally lasts more, as the shell protects the almond walnut from bacteria and insects and prevents air oxidation.

The almonds in the shell must be preserved in a dry and fresh room, perhaps a pantry under the window sill.

The important thing is to keep almonds from stoves and heat sources as far away.


There Almond of Puglia In shell it should be kept in packaging of cardboard or wood, fabric or paper bags, far from light sources.


For what concerns Almond of Puglia Already shelled or peeled, the conservation methods are slightly different.


The younger almonds can also be preserved at room temperature, even if this solution is not optimal.

The beans are preserved longer in a vacuum package. Walnuts are often sold already in this form.

If you do not have the possibility of a vacuum conserve, place them in a dry and clean jar.

Attention: avoid metal, which accelerates air oxidation.


In any case, the Almond of Puglia It is very well preserved in the refrigerator.

Put them in the vegetable drawer, perhaps in a bag or in a plastic tray.


If you need to keep them for a long time, freezyle.

Even in freezer, the Almond of Puglia It does not lose its beneficial organoleptic qualities.

What expiration date has the Almond of Puglia?

Even the expiration date varies from type to type.

Here are the main indications in this regard:

  • The shelled chicci in the refrigerator lasted six months;
  • In the freezer they last a year;
  • At room temperature, almonds lasted about two months;
  • If you keep properly, following the instructions in this article, they last up to 12 months.

In short, now you know all the secrets to preserve your best Almond of Puglia. You just have to buy it!