Discovering the Almond of Puglia: trekking among the almonds in bloom

The summer is about to arrive and the desire to spend time in contact with nature is so much.

From the north to south of Italy there is a series of events that put the spring in the first place, but there is only one theme Almond of Puglia.


In the heart of Alta Murgia National Park An innovative project is about to be born, and seeing in Almond of Puglia The fulcrum of all activities.


From next month the activities of Mandorland... and to find out what it is you to continue reading this article.


Mandorland: a dream that smells of Almond of Puglia


In the territory of Alta Murgia National Park, the territorial theme park of the Almond of Puglia is about to be born, named Mandorland.

The territory included is what produces one of the best almonds in the world: the almond of toritto.

The project was born from a path started for some years and intends to make the "product" Almond of Puglia The thematic element of territorial enhancement.

Mandorland He wants to be as a state-of-the-art project in the process of enhancing territories that are still little known, but beautiful to remove breath.

The Alta Murgia National Park does not only offer Almonds of Puglia: Falchi Grillai dominate a Brulla land, at an arid traits, made of blades, dolines and ancient tracuits.

And it is precisely in this territory so characteristic that Mandorland And almond farm wants to welcome tourists and lovers of trekking and nature.

Mandorland: the inaugural event

The inaugural event of the Mandorland project scheduled for March 28 will have a meeting place for a meeting and departure of the trekking Almond farm.


Hence the participants following an ancient tricky that laps rows of Almond trees of Puglia, will be headed in the west direction they will superate meadow.


From here they will reach the masseria of the city located inside the Bitonto forest.


The trek to discover the Almond of Puglia will continue inside the Remove area to reach the ancient jazz of stones cut with its beautiful milking to eight.


After the "Visit" of the ancient Jazzo the participants will fall on the almond farm following a slightly different path than that of the first leg.


Useful info: Participants will arrive on the farm at 9.00 and after recording at 9.30 am the trek will start.


The trekking path will be a multi-sensory experience that takes place within the area of Alta Murgia National Park, starting from the Toritto territory to reach the territory of Bitonto.


Technical data of the route: Total length KM 13,00 Overall height difference (positive and negative) 480 meters, maximum slope 21.4%.


Estimated time Total 5 hours. Return to the company 15.00 hours. We recommend Pacing Lunch.


Info and reservations: