Sustainable agriculture for a world up to our dreams

Have you ever heard of sustainable agriculture? A new approach to experiencing Mother Earth in a conscious and respectful way.

The land is mother and stepmother"The famous nineteenth-century poet said Giacomo Leopardi.


IS Mother, because you give us fruits and products of priceless importance; she is Stepmother, because sometimes the unstoppable strength of her leaves us powerless.


Sometimes, we are really human to treat it more like stepmother, than mother, treating it badly, unaware of the damages we could go first to ourselves than to you.


Yet we have all the means to love our land, as you love us. One of these is cultivating its products sustainably.


The concept of sustainable agriculture It is very complex. Let's try to understand it together.


Sustainable agriculture: because it is convenient to everyone

Choosing the sustainable agriculture road is never an easy choice. The problems are many and sometimes weigh costs / benefits is the only means to convince yourself to move forward.

Making sustainable agriculture means understanding agriculture as a 360-degree process, capable of promoting development and growth, taking into account different aspects:

  • Respect for the environment and natural resources, such as water, soil fertility, biodiversity ...
  • Respect to society, calibrating global demand and available resources, not only in the most industrialized countries, but also in developing countries.
  • Respect for economic balance, favoring a fair income for each farmer, protecting his health and promoting a better quality of life.

Many ways to make sustainable agriculture

Obviously there is only one way to make sustainable agriculture.

All agricultural models we list below, still have only one and fundamental point in common: love for the earth and for all its facets. Those who do not love the earth, and those who just think of gain, cannot absolutely think of being able to make sustainable agriculture.

Here are the main sustainable agricultural models:

  • Biological agriculture: production method carried out in compliance with the European Regulation EEC 2092/91 which provides for the use of natural substances and prohibits the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Biodynamic agriculture (The method also used by the farm of the almond): based on the anthroposophical vision of the world, elaborated by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Cultivating in a biodynamic way means respecting the ecosystem taking into account the lunar phases, allowing the plants to be connected and adapt.
  • Solidarity agriculture: Cultivate on land removed to the mafias, extortion. Respect man and environment and creates a clean and healthy environment, a happy environment.

DIY sustainable agriculture: the small vegetable garden on the balcony

We can change the world even starting from the balcony of our house.

Following the recent Lockdown, many people started cultivating vegetables and small fruits on their balcony.

On the market they depopulate small gardening kits for so-called urban gardens.


People are becoming as a conscious hand, they want to eat well and want to buy healthy products, of which they know the origin.

For this reason many prefer to cultivate vegetables directly at home.


From the producer to the consumer, sustainably.

You could participate in the construction of a more beautiful world, a world up to our dreams, even supporting companies that promote this working typology for some time.


Such as? Adopting an almond course for example. An almond him to guard and cure, to return to treat the earth as an affectionate mother.